this has been the best, has an edge over the rest, it started as a short quest with several storms to digest, several sins not confessed, at first, it seemed a contest, a must-be-passed type of test, then I became obsessed with not wanting to be oppressed, I damned emotions, none professed, to my limitations, […]

Crime or Grime

why do apologies have to be the common form of communication here? our beginning was bliss. now, it’s like a ditch. all you professed fell on your deaf ear. you were the one. the laughter. the kind eyes. you could buy time, and always gifted smiles. I was a newborn. you showed no disguise under […]


Download David Diop’s ‘Africa” Read by Poetic Oracle

”Africa” is a poem by the Afro-French poet David Diop (1927-1960), who was born in France to a Senegalese father and Cameroonian mother. Although he died at a young age in a plane crash and had only published one collection of poems (Coups de pilon-1956), he had already become one of the most notable poets […]

Download “Here We Stand” By Poetic OracLe.

We must call for a meeting of the high council! We must summon the guardian of our ancestors! Poetic OracLe in ‘Here We Stand’, invokes the greatness in everyone of us to combat the troubles of our time.   Download Here We Stand Here   Listen on Soundcloud Below

New Video/Audio Alert : “Shameless Agbadas”| Mala Iwa

Sequel to the release of “Take a Listen” by Mala Iwa (Download here), here’s a video and an audio for “Shameless Agbadas”.  Video & Audio Credit: Godswill Ezeonyeka Download, listen and share your thoughts. Download Video Download Audio      

Download “Take A Listen” By Mala Iwa Gbado Ikaleku

Mala Iwa has joined an array of other amazing artistes within and outside Nigeria to lend their voices through their amazing arts hoping to better this beautiful Country. After you download this spoken word piece, be sure that it won’t be all honey to your ears especially if you are a part of the problems […]

Download Injustice by Bamvi Joero

Here’s Injustice released by DPER’s spoken word poet, Bamvi Joero Click Here To Download Injustice

Download Album “7 Canticles” By Dprime Rasheed

The 7 Canticles represents Dprime Rasheed’s enchanting poetry, attitude and growth as a spoken word artiste. Dprime is respected from within and outside the Northern Region of Nigeria as one of the few individuals staying true to the culture. He has really grown in his art, telling a ‘black’ story. The horns, traditional drumming and […]

Ebooks & Reviews

Review: “Morticians” by Sango ft. GrandSun

Morticians is a piece from Ruddapoet’s Handwriting album which begins with Yoruba oratory/poetry by Sango, which is followed by a rap verse from Grandsun. The piece is a wake up call to all the youths to arise and take charge of things; socially, culturally and politically most importantly, because most of the people in power […]

Review: “Dear Son” By Andrew Patience (AP)

Time is fair to none, and the future reveals itself to nobody. A well written piece dedicated to a future she hasn’t seen. A son, never seen before but prayers are already been made for him. It’s become more traditional than required to speak good words into the future. Every Mother’s joy is to see […]

Poet’s Corner

Read: Fatimya P. Pel.| Rudolph Adidi

Some time ago by the ocean of this time It was at that time, during the rain, A maiden was served as curry and thyme. Her name would later ease my pain And this maiden will come with a radiant smile It will shine my night and calm my vein. When I was a kid, […]

Poetry: Dear Groom | Rachel Charles

Dear Groom, I write today to plead your gaze looking at the bride, beautiful in her white garment that will be stained with wifely and mother duties. When the child spills his milk on her awesome breast, there you would smile with memories of how you first met. Dear groom, I won’t sugarcoat words or […]

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