Leonell EchaJanuary 25, 2021

Thrice in one statement, I use the word verdict I love that it is a terminal A stop sign for having to condone excesses For controlling deficiencies Between my spiraled wooden table And coffee whirling from a stir Is a collection of surreal poems And a book titled “About” With contents of varying themes Like […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 22, 2021

There is– like a wish that dreams to be, to become, to breathe– a dandelion that seeks to bloom in the hazy, cold sunrise of Jos. Blossom, bloom, develop, unfold in ways yet unseen by human eyes, in conditions that have murdered in cold blood souls that will have become witnesses to survival. Learn to […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 22, 2021

I remember pouring down tears at night But they reached the ground as fresh dews by morning I feel that that only time I truly appreciated light Was when I stood in front and darkness was behind I feel those times when we think we’re down Are the bounces that lift us higher than we […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 20, 2021

Plights are like puzzles Some you can fix, while others like fractions they mix Know when the plight is playing a trick. Unscramble if you can if it doesn’t revive, make a new plan If any must remain alive, it’s you Because you’re the human. it takes time to heal, To swallow the pill and […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 19, 2021

Yes Rumi. Sorrow brings the true happiness we need. Through our tears, it clears the mist from our eyes and makes us see The little things we couldn’t when we did merry. It teaches us to bow and say thank you again to the tiny things we failed to recognize And help us to realize […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 18, 2021

I may not be the water to quench your fire, But I will be your fourth man. I may not silence your storms, But I will sleep with you in the boat. I may not be the pill to heal your heart fast, but I can be all the time you need. I may not […]

Leonell EchaDecember 20, 2020

a warning for one who sees drowning for he who never agrees on this street of Naples, pain anguish would breathe again for a Forza special, how much? those lighters just want to touch from the pitches to the stands they chant, loudly clap their hands “yours is good, but I have the original” not […]

Leonell EchaDecember 20, 2020

The day The Gathering dropped God watches and kills us One person can die a million times There should have been no strike, no virus and lockdown, and no lack of money Nigeria is a bad DC comic that should never be read The gathering walked the earth Winning kissed my lips again love played […]

Leonell EchaDecember 20, 2020

6 months my body bent to namaste Doom days came and taught me to pray I danced, I slept and ate my peace 9 to 5 my bones slaved away I hope to heed the desire to read To lean on love and plant a seed A living dora, I shall explore Stack green bills […]

Leonell EchaDecember 15, 2020

Leon Look how the stars align, That’s you and the moon dancing to your sign Rudolph I know who you have been, Don’t forget the way back home, the journey is only for those who have seen. Abdul Be the well, ‘unpoisoned’ Be the water so refreshingly seasoned. Bose Soft like the lilies, raging horns […]

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