Leonell EchaMay 10, 2022

IT TAKES DISTRESS TO GROW A THING band-aids don’t fix bullet holes like sealed lips don’t offer relief For a boy to become a man he must bury himself alive like a seed, and shoot. he would suffer from the wind, the sun, and the rain then he grows gradually into a man. for a […]

Leonell EchaMay 6, 2022

Til’ all of me shreds, And fits everywhere i shouldn’t Til’ a song no longer has rhythm Or a fig tree fails to exist longer than any other tree. Until the last lost child hears me, Summer begins in January Until i accept i am, Just as i should be, on a lone journey. Belonging […]

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

Filled to the brim, an overflow A lifeline on its string One more makeover In a garden, a serpent in my bed Untouched, Too little or too much? it is never too much for the rain to pour heavier than your worrying tears. is it too much to bend and pick broken pieces— of a […]

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

think of me like a butterfly weightless, by the breeze by the powder of feathers flapping faster than i fly. a migrant by degrees, by the action of wings, by flitter in flight, a sparkle in might. scarce and forgotten out of stock, out of demand. LARDO & Əĺļə

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

I was told that once I lay down here, peace won’t just be the name of a woman, my skin colour won’t be a threat to some, my faith won’t deny me pity and friendship, I was told false fables as I laid down here. Tomide Abdul

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

the power of your thumb your thumb is a sharp weapon sharper than a tongue or sword, your thumb is a fierce fighter fiercer than Malcolm or King. your thumb is a decider deciding who stays or leaves, your thumb is a brave soldier fighting for you and others. your thumb is the exploit of […]

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

escaping I am a prisoner outside the bar A prisoner that travels near and far My uncracked shell is lugged with my broken pieces What do you see? I am a broken piece… A shipwrecked in the middle of the calm sea, And body floats on the wavy side of the waters, a soul slips […]

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