Leonell EchaSeptember 23, 2021

A day that laced my father’s eyes with smiles and planted a ‘cannot-be-uprooted’ love in my mother’s heart. I was told I was heavy and I didn’t take too much time to come. I was a boy with no brain and no ability to remember that day but yearly I don’t forget this day that […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 22, 2021

The vowels in my name Are almost the same With the pages missing from my mama. To become a filler, I flip her body twice Wrap it in paper thrice And left a blank scroll If she needs to write a goal The vowels in her ode Are materials to decode LARDO

Leonell EchaSeptember 21, 2021

for the day they were born there was celebration each with his own demon and his own god a curse that makes immortal of dying things and so they grew strong and wild weak and meek they were so different. one was loved the others were not three were worshipped the others were good days […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 15, 2021

Yesterday, I injured myself and the explanation didn’t make sense. I said, “Well, I was walking…” and that was the end of the story. At this age, my body is a stranger that I keep meeting over and over again. The words “I am” are slowly transforming into “I used to be” because every year, […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 14, 2021

So much to be saved For much more later Lips loosely sinking Break free or sin Let us engage In a contest Where i can win But you will be my loss Let the loud whispers Only be heard through our raging pulse Red eye, i mean I in person Choking on blood clots Because […]

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