Leonell EchaSeptember 30, 2022

things my mind feels as hurt do not make it to my tongue they do not rinse from their dirt. things my mind feels as hurt find a hole in my palm and divert to become notes and melodies unsung. things my mind feels as hurt do not make it to my tongue. Ruddapoet

Leonell EchaSeptember 29, 2022

truthfully, there is power here to imagine, build, and destroy man does not need to be a seer truthfully, there is power here only if you are aware then you’ll begin to enjoy truthfully, there is power here to imagine, build, and destroy Victor Oyedele

Leonell EchaSeptember 28, 2022

I do not like to wait but it is all I can do my heart at the gate I do not like to wait how is dawn in Kuwait? your absence is flu I do not like to wait but it is all I can do Younglan Talyoung

Leonell EchaSeptember 27, 2022

the nights can testify to my efforts to live since I learnt tears are not enough to cry from the rich, the world is trying to sieve the nights can testify to my efforts to live women also bear faith, it’s hard not to misgive here’s a toast to thinking of trying to try the […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 25, 2022

up & down everything about love feels up and its breast can only fill a cup how lowly I feel is an evening meal. today your words hurt like when my fingers make you spurt. I am tired of rhyming with pain, aren’t you filled with the rain that comes with hailstones of headaches? even […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 23, 2022

There is a sound That rings out Or renders the airwaves And i react swiftly. There is a call No matter where That turns my head Because it relates to me My name has changed From me to mummy And a metamorphosis to the world’s aunty Now,I’m the grandmother Grandma to the world. I guess […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 22, 2022

i am so alive that in my sleep, i do not dream, i think. these thoughts would not let me dare to become something not great someone that can’t create, make the world easier for man to live. i am drawn to service. to serve in truth, true. Victor Oyedele

Leonell EchaSeptember 22, 2022

Olajide, o- pinions would gather like clouds on a rai- ny day in august but the down pour that comes from that will not drown an ant it should not move you like the earth. if you pay attention you would find patterns, paths to more. Victor Oyedele

Leonell EchaSeptember 19, 2022

Cello oft we sing a type of song that cellos string with notes along a type of song of fifths and pitch with notes along of bass so rich of fifths and pitch in pose construct of bass so rich da braccio is plucked. in pose construct the celli we bring da braccio is plucked […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 17, 2022

odd out of this urge for living death would emerge. but life is given for death to come and time is ticking for time to run. so fast some would outlast this urge for living this death emerging but only short. all we’re are given is a span; a decade, a year after 72, out […]

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