Leonell EchaMay 7, 2021

You see times I tell you jokes you don’t laugh at and all the times I will flirt with your ego, it was a nuisance to me, it was a gnat. what I felt for you was soccer in Rio. do you know how water tastes in the morning? if you can tell then, I […]

Leonell EchaMay 6, 2021

from the teachings of the books that I learnt, read the gospel is to remind not to dictate not to hate, wage war or cause others to bleed don’t use tongues to take a life you can’t create? shouldn’t you be taking from your life for your death while you wait in faith for what […]

Leonell EchaMay 4, 2021

Live in this instance, love. Same wings sky high above once broke Start again, nested yoke. Learn, light a blunt and smoke, you’ll see Nothing is lost deep sea Unlearn, relearn and be, like air Move freely but play fair Fair love, feelings so clear, and true Almost a fluke but blue On this road […]

Leonell EchaMay 2, 2021

The course of true love has never been straight So, let’s make our own paths, forget people We are artists, it’s what we do, create Set apart from clichés, it’s our circle A pair of scissors, a love dummy, glue, Glitter tape, balloons, two cardboard papers A table large enough and clean for two We’ll […]

Leonell EchaApril 28, 2021

no one will forget the days I recall the hurt of slumber or smile of revenge i recall my heart you left in a mall for trespassers’ temptation to scavenge the sweet nights of bad dreams held in a room no one forgets my kite that never flew how you cut off its legs, later […]

Leonell EchaApril 28, 2021

my heart to you as a permanent loan ours should have been the wind – blowing freely until you left for Kenya on your own to explore, meet men who speak Swahili ours was supposed to be oil on water sinking and immediately rising but you let another be the plotter tick, tock, you were […]

Leonell EchaApril 27, 2021

The size of the ladle is not the spoon, it is why the night blankets like it’s day. so tonight you may write about the moon as it comes out to prove what you can’t say. from the words that hide, write about its shade, say elements of why it will not come even while […]

Leonell EchaApril 24, 2021

I’m in Position whether you like it or not call thunder to crack my nut. you push me, I no go move I go show love as my prove i’ve taken a stand on my feet I don dey where you must to greet if na morning sef, I go dey you must leave, cause […]

Leonell EchaApril 22, 2021

Before You Go Remember to pack All your kisses Left on the face Of my pillow case Can’t remember which prick You used more often The one coated with sugar Or soaked in sour sop Before you go Erase my number I don’t want to see your bumper Eat them for dinner Bose

Leonell EchaApril 21, 2021

A VALEDICTION Listen to the hymn below accompanied by deep hurt enclosed in a high yet low tone of poem with no shirt. I won’t stay, please don’t let me freeze to death waiting and still dying. so long glass with peace sign I now pass my lifeline Ruddapoet

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