Thomas Bot: False Hope!


Seduce us out of wisdom into folly
Then laugh till you ache
Watching, aloof, as our essence break
Elated like the sun dancing on a wavy stream, jolly.

Blinded by your smokescreen
We became jubilant like a peer-pressured teen
In our sedateness, we went to sleep on a bed
Only to reveille on a coal, hot and red.

Goodbye days of fairy hope
I have seen the length of your slim rope
I know how you sting then rub
I have savoured the risk of making a pet of a cub

All the glitz has been but a farce
And your honey constipating
Offer your sham bridges but I’ll pass
Yes I know how they can be tempting.

False hope is like a false alarm
Only realized long after the harm.

© Thomas Bot 2016


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