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plateau state

I am in a faraway land,
but I am one of you
and I shall come soon
with many others too.

I hear of your farms,
where you harvest tubers
as big as rams.
I hear of the polo field,
and the many fields
where the dancing and sporting
tell of youth and excitement.

I still hear the echoes,
the far-reaching thuds
of your constant drums.

Even now,
I hear the happy shouts
and joyous clapping
and i know your people are smiling;
all these refresh my nostalgia

The rhythms of your drums are words ––
words that tell me I must come again:
a part of the universal fold.

I entreat the muse
one last time
it is of Plateau I wish to sing.

I beseech the uplands
this last time.
it is in Plateau
i wish to live.

To laugh and cry,
to smile and dance,
to leap and run,
to live and be,
and loose myself at last
in its horizon of fiery gold.

I remember those times in Du;
the mornings
when we stood before a golden sun;
the afternoons
when we laughed beneath a healthy sun
and the evenings
when we gaped in awe of the horizon.
I recall Liberty Dam,
the road on our countless trips
to Shendam
and the many sips
of freshly tapped ‘ruwa.’

We will drive to Rukuba
after we had detoured through
Zawan, basked in the breathtaking
scenery of Pankshin, Yelwa
and Langtang, but Jos,
with its perpetual fascination
was our destination.
it was no surprise to see
that the architect of these
grand spectacles, these
arranged rocks, these mountains
heights and cliffs still lives
amongst you.

This is to Plateau with love.
tell me of my old friend
at the polo round about
“the polo rider” i call him,
is he still there?
in his eternal poise,
astride the ever galloping stallion,
ah! I miss that statue
and many others like it;
historical monuments of evergreen beauty.

How about the white bridge ––
and the two bridges ––
Shere hills still stands, i know,
soon you will make it a movie village, I know,
kura falls is a charming sight,
Assop falls is so too,

Just as the whoosh!
and rush!
of your serene breeze rings through.

This is to Plateau with love.
your spirit is strong,
you refuse the use of force
and arm your children with trust.
these tunes are new;
this view too,
so to the councilors in trust
and the governor, sir
this is from a son afar.


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