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A wise Israelite king once wrote, “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” Not small riches. Not average riches. Great riches. The wise king said a good name is more desirable than all of those. But the king didn’t live in the Industrial Age. The king didn’t live in the internet age. The king didn’t live in the age of “get rich or die trying.” That is the 21st-century mantra. The affirmation of the day. The hustler’s credo. Yet not many people are that suicidal and thus not going to kill themselves in the literal sense but they are willing to do whatever it takes to get rich. If you believe a thing is so vital that you could kill yourself for it, the law of self-preservation implies that you are willing to kill someone else first. This we do indirectly like refusing to pay salaries and pensions, selling poisonous food, inhuman healthcare policies, etc, and directly by armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killings, etc. These vile acts becoming commonplace in our societies is alarming to those who still have a conscience. The embrace of crime and evil in an attempt to fulfill the insatiable lust for riches is ushering in a new age. A kind of renaissance. The rebirth of the days of Noah. It was a time typified by continual evil. That all men thought of as evil.

There was a time not too long ago, you could not take a broken pencil home without an explanation. How did you get it? Was it a gift or did you have to coerce someone into getting it? Those days are long gone. Now you could bring the Excalibur home and no one will question. How? Rather they will prepare a feast, invite friends and celebrate with a thanksgiving service. To which god? The one who said thou shall not steal? Or thou shalt not kill? Perhaps we do so in an attempt to bribe Him so He could turn a blind eye as we do to our fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, and spiritual leaders? We do not care about the good name anymore. All we want is a seat in the arena of greed and materialism. We say good things with our lips. We say “God above all” on our social media but with our participation in, acceptance of, or apathy towards evil, we boldly declare, “do not forgive us our sins.”

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