Bose Ayeni-Tsevende

Bose Ayeni-Tsevende has often been described as a poet of all ages. She simplifies poetry and tells you deeply in words that make you not forget to remember the beauty in poems.

A former Dance and Choreography lecturer at the department of Theater and Film Arts, University of Jos, Bose has acted, performed and mimed in all forms of stage performances.

She is a dancer, choreographer, poet, a mother and grandmother of many children.

Here’s a list of her works:
1.Introduction To Dance and Choreography- The basics.
2. The Man Lives (drama)
3. U Are A Poet (poetry)
4. Streams (poetry) [It was nominated for ANA / Cadbury Award 2010]
5. Pieces Of Peace (poetry)
They are currently not in the bookstores.

She reads about poets like Chaucer, Femi Osofisan, Niyi Ogundare and others.

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