Review: “Is This The Moment?” By Bash Ft. Aysia


Thought provoking, emotions rising as the song writer deals heavy blows to the mind with her voice and message.
She goes “Where do we go from here? Are we looking for where the sun don’t shine?”
This summarizes the whole idea of the poem.

The poet seeks to hold the African/Nigeria story by the throat, strangle it till the picture in his head is fully established.

He describes every bit of the problem rocking Nigeria from terrorism to bad governance, prostitution, and immigration.

The climax of this piece comes in where he mentioned
“Cost of school fees wouldn’t drive my sister to sell her body”

“I have a dream” that one day we’d live in a country where Mothers would be safe to send their sons out at night, less bomb blast and more development task, relatively affordable education and feeding would be almost free for all.

I put it to you.
Is this the moment we’ve all been waiting for?
For the heart of Africa to beat again
For the story of Nigeria to read differently from what we now read.

It’s up-to you now, so decide.

Victor Oyedele

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