Leonell Echa

Leonell Echa is a Development Practitioner with a background in Communication, Development, Health and Environment.

He has an independent mind to carry out and engage in development issues channeled towards youths within the sub-region. He is an advocate of good governance, peaceful co-existence, essentialism and systems thinking.

An exceptional voice actor, an adept writer of short stories, radio scripts and poetry, he has written and edited over 17 published and unpublished omnibuses. His first unpublished collection of poems is  “I Still Feel Naked Wearing Clothes.” He is currently working on his second anthology titled “It was 4:45 a.m.”

Leonell Echa has consistently stayed on his career path of building sustainable peace in communities in Nigeria. He believes in a community of more than one. He has a quest for social reforms and equitable distribution of resources and believes that some of the determinants of a good society are relentless learning, inclusive governance, reconciliation and love.

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