Poetry: Dear Groom | Rachel Charles


Dear Groom,
I write today to plead your gaze looking at the bride, beautiful in her white garment that
will be stained with wifely and mother duties.
When the child spills his milk on her awesome breast, there you would smile with
memories of how you first met.

Dear groom,
I won’t sugarcoat words or tell you this is a perfect couple that the world has seen. There is
no perfect couple, truth be told. But promise to hold her heart and give a fresh start. Make
this princess into the queen she is. Let her feel it in the presence of the trees than the
Caress her thighs let her moan and say, “No other has bought me whole like you do.”
Times will come when the needle will pierce a little. Give a slow flow. Promise to glow in
times of gloom. Get your groove and dance to the TRIALS life will offer in this basket of
marital offering.
Never forget to flirt with her short skirt; put two fingers and wake in there. That is your
home. It’s where you belong.
See; Let me blast your worry. The spiritual level should be high, let it scream to the
mountains. Always give space for dialogue between you and the maker.

Dear Bride,
Beauty is charming but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Arrest gossips and
pay attention to hubby, for he is your biggest baby. Lay down your fears, juice your tears,
and give him the best.

Dear Bride and Groom,
A union has made two bodies become one.
The pen has spoken, give heed to the say.

© Rachel Charles 2017

Rachel Charles is a spoken word artiste, a poet and a writer.
She believes that the beauty of words is in their healing and reformation.
She is a lover of love and a friend of learning.
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