Review: “Morticians” by Sango ft. GrandSun

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Morticians is a piece from Ruddapoet’s Handwriting album which begins with Yoruba oratory/poetry by Sango, which is followed by a rap verse from Grandsun.

The piece is a wake up call to all the youths to arise and take charge of things; socially, culturally and politically most importantly, because most of the people in power are not worthy to be in the leadership positions they are in.
Sango’s mood is a bitter one as he laments:
“We the youths-
What are we going to leave for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren coming behind”?
As he feels the death of a dying African culture and tradition:
“Our culture and tradition is soiled,
You claim it isn’t
But it is gradually going into extinction.”

Grandsun comes in fast and hard with his Rap verse as he compliments what Sango had said already. He points out the outcome of what the loss of the true African culture and tradition has caused— corruption, homosexuality etc.— and how totally truth has been destroyed and lost in the society.

Younglan Louis

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