EB will be glad to read from you everything that is educative. As long as you have something to say that you’d want a perspective on, and you want the public to know, send them in.

Just bear in mind the following:

Our editiors are saddled with the responsibilities of proof-reading and editing your work before it is published. We proofread for the following:

-Vulgar content
-Appropriate title

The edited copy will be sent to you for your approval before we publish.

Send submissions as attached documents to info@ebartsng.org. They should not be on the body of the mail.

Let the subject of your mail be categorised under any of the following:

Poetry (script/video/audio)
Literary commentary.
Short story

Include a short profile and photograph of yourself.

Let’s also try not to bore the audience with too lengthy write-ups.
KISS your pieces: Keep It So Simple!

You may use the suggested word count below:

Book review: 300-500 words

Fiction: 900-2000 words

Commentary: 300- 400 words.

EB will always like to be acknowledged as original publisher for your work, while the copyright of your work will always be credited to you.

Looking forward to reading and publishing your entries.


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