Leonell EchaMarch 10, 2018

The culture of reading and writing has been age-long. Literature has succeeded in revealing the deep thoughts and common beliefs of a people through stories (prose), drama, and poetry. And poetry has constantly been a reminder of oral tradition because it can communicate effectively, innermost feelings and thoughts of both the bearer and the receivers. […]

Leonell EchaJune 4, 2017

There has been so many mishaps making the headlines lately: abductions, terrorist attacks, pro and anti-LGBT motions, Boko Haram explosions, jungle justice and Biafra. The state of Nigeria as a nation, bearing in mind that her leader’s mandatory sick leave is seemingly terminal, and the fact that the level of poverty increases by unpopular indices, […]

Leonell EchaDecember 24, 2016

Emmanuel Grey dust twirling around shadows. In a moment of calmness. First breath inhaled Umbilical cord broken. Thrust out from the womb. Okunlola An organised disorganized partner. Unleashing the earth’s glory in your creation. A little lot of truth. Kings and knights adorn your day. Queens and maidens taking room,  bowing at your feet. Oluwaseun […]

Leonell EchaDecember 13, 2016

“Guts of Gods” is a spoken word poetry session organized to have poets from far and near share their experiences since the year is coming to a close. The event which is put together by Ruddapoet, is intended for an audience that enjoy spoken word poetry. This event will feature talks about the elements of […]

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