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Some time ago by the ocean of this time
It was at that time, during the rain,
A maiden was served as curry and thyme.
Her name would later ease my pain
And this maiden will come with a radiant smile
It will shine my night and calm my vein.

When I was a kid, she was a kid
And we always played in the rain.
She prayed to forever show me more than love.
This maiden and I loved insane.
She came through the eyes of the goddess of secrets,
Beautifully woven into a poem for me.

This reason was a ground to sow my seed
As we waited for the time of rain.
Smooth, her curves as peaceful as a dove
This maiden looked fit to reign.
Angels stare at your wings and hurt in discreet,
As you have become an unfamiliar wind

Whether the moon rises from its dreams
Of you-maiden, queen of my south,
Even if the stars become a shade of these skies,
You will be my maiden, my only apple
Growing in my heart, soul and in my smile.
Oh my darling-my beauty-my smiling breeze
Your sepulcher lies deep and undead
Holding robes you birthed in my sounds.

Ruddapoet (Rudolph Adidi) or ‘The Red Cap Poet’ as he is fondly called is a spoken word artist, architect, writer, poet and first born. He hails from the cool breeze of Jos, Plateau State. He won the Abuja Literary Society (ALS) Slam competition in 2016, as well as the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Abuja Chapter poetry competition. He is the founder of TRCP
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