Leonell EchaOctober 3, 2017

I’m not sure i agree What the Eiffel can be… Love is a race i know Not all men can follow. Their hearts must be the key. But if the towers see To choose among any And all agree to go, I’m not sure… There is earth, sand and tree. There’s water in the sea. […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 26, 2017

The valley dug in between us has become narrow for such bus. Love found many ways to discuss to make me wuss, to make me wuss. My heart was found wanting a lot and where we stood kept growing hot. Our hands were free, they wouldn’t knot our souls will rot, our souls will rot […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 23, 2017

I will not want your wishes Nor your byes I know you care but take a rest Your tears will soon dry so you may see I’m long gone like a bullet from a long gun Look critically you’ll see my soul at the horizon On my first safest, swift, luggage-free ride through seven heavens […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 20, 2017

How did we end up like this, among heaps of stones selfish? I’m left with fragments of untrue truths, losing the face of completeness. They teach us how to give, but cut the fingers after they receive. How did you end up like this, wearing colors that conceal your shadow? Where are the colors of […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 19, 2017

You need not move mountains Uprooting it from its core I do not need Cupid and fountains Or seashells from the shore Don’t sail across oceans and seas Don’t bring me the moon from up above No flowers, no roses, no white doves No clichés at all, please We don’t have time to watch the […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 8, 2017

“Ake! Ake! Hurry up now! Do you want us to miss this? It will be like missing the coming of Jesus the day he’ll be sharing some of that gold from the street of heaven o!” Funto chuckled as her husband poured out his monologue. It won’t be the first or last time she has […]

Leonell EchaAugust 16, 2017

Dear queen of this deserted throne, The chirping birds and crickets; The cloaking frogs behind our home seem to have traveled with you. I have swimmed this deep sea of space and silence, It is warm and it is cold. I will study stars if they can foretell your return. I have felt the frostbite […]

Leonell EchaAugust 15, 2017

Here’s the thing about crying, If it’s not out of joy, or loss from dying- I wouldn’t break one. Not all shoulders are good to lean on. The waters warming in the Mississippi Get to cool off in another sea. I don’t harbour silent tears, The loudness is one of my fears. When nights stay […]

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