Poetry:If I were Dead Now…


I will not want your wishes
Nor your byes
I know you care but take a rest
Your tears will soon dry so you may see
I’m long gone like a bullet from a long gun
Look critically you’ll see my soul at the horizon
On my first safest, swift, luggage-free ride through seven heavens
Fervently I traveled through time and space
Wow! The funeral was packed!
Tell Uncle-T I loved the eulogy he recited
Sounded like that poem I wrote “If I were dead”.
Or are my poems dead too?
Hope you still read me?
Writing from here’s fun
Many poets still write their dead-lines
I have to drop the scroll here
I pray you find it soon.
I’m at Heavens gate. Bye.

Emny Circuit
If I were dead by now
My spirit will hover around
Fishing for smiles
In the sea of faces
That waters the worlds population

Perhaps, I’d have a seat reserved at the right side of Odin
In the great halls of Valhalla
Where upon we shall drink the gods ale
With fellow brothers at pen
Wielding quills to tell the tale of future days past

If I were dead by now
My heart would be saddened the most-
Silly thing still crushes for Latino beauties.
Lord let me not die now.
Moons shall never taste sweet with the ocean.
There will be colored suns in your tint.
A glance into future will lose infinity to plurals.
Love will be a metaphor of history.
History shall be defined as I was.
Words will pause and find their mothers,
they will reinvent the curves lurking in the dead.
No king shall go court-free to the judgement of my leaving.
Thunders will be hiccups of dead drums,
lightening will strike the feet of the one holding the ground.
Focus shall be hocus pocus,
therein shall abracadabra hang loose without a bra.
Poems shall be liquid.
Lines shall discreetly date pages to stitch the blood poured from there.
At a glance, the world will evolve without a sky.
If I were dead now
hold me responsible for all of it.

If you’d hate,
please show it.
Pick up a brick wall –
aim it at me,
do not be afraid to throw it.

If you’d love,
then show it.
Let’s wine together,
allow our conscience to eat.
Fly to the moon,
collect me the stars.
Allow me in your heart
before you decide to own it.

If you’d cry,
oh please do cry.
Do not be ashamed to show pity
the pain in your eyes.
Let your face be a fountain,
make me a waterfall-
Then tell me you’re sorry
and that you’ll miss me after all.

If tomorrow forgets to come to me,
you’d be your only company.
Cause me all the pain now
Let your better bad free
to stop my shadow from wondering how.

Who will you hail as your own?
Who will you slap around at will?
Who will wear those fancy handmade…?
Whose turn up will you envy?
Who will buy bread without fail?
Whose weekly laundry will you do?

Tell me,
Who will eat the pantry dry
And see the last drop of drinks take a bow with?
The listening ear to all tales
The ready shoulder to cry on
The source in times of need
The rain on patched land
The sun on a cloudy day
Who will
If I were dead now?

If I where dead now

It will be the end of it all.
Goodbye drama!
Good morning eternity!
Let us celebrate our regrets!

I know you wouldn’t miss me,
But if you do, it will make no sense.
For dead roses bear no perfume.
The sun shines not in the night.

If I were really dead now,
I will catch up with sleep lost.
I’ll be a torment to my foes.
What have I to lose anyway?

But today I will live another day,
Be your pain in joy,
Spicing every water that flows from you,
Fight for you or make an attempt…
Jar the stars and make you laugh.
Nothing less, nothing more.


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