Leonell EchaMay 24, 2022

it is because of the beauty of a woman that is why she holds her breasts when she runs, not because the breasts is going to fall. the palace curtains are meant to guide light, guide sun, guide moon a crescent type. why then do you pierce your story in forbidden pages? and later seek […]

Leonell EchaMay 24, 2022

“The eye never forgets what the heart has seen.” a dark room is a painting of ignorance in its bliss. no scene melts into a story if the feeling is not true. the eye is the left hand cause sin is not far from it, the heart is a right hand cause liberation is its […]

Leonell EchaMay 24, 2022

‘When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate’ do not call a witness to a family feud. the deference of blood is water that runs past the Mariana trenches of our plastic hearts. so there are several bowls to drink from; do not pass it around during the camp by the […]

Leonell EchaMay 10, 2022

IT TAKES DISTRESS TO GROW A THING band-aids don’t fix bullet holes like sealed lips don’t offer relief For a boy to become a man he must bury himself alive like a seed, and shoot. he would suffer from the wind, the sun, and the rain then he grows gradually into a man. for a […]

Leonell EchaMay 6, 2022

Til’ all of me shreds, And fits everywhere i shouldn’t Til’ a song no longer has rhythm Or a fig tree fails to exist longer than any other tree. Until the last lost child hears me, Summer begins in January Until i accept i am, Just as i should be, on a lone journey. Belonging […]

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

Filled to the brim, an overflow A lifeline on its string One more makeover In a garden, a serpent in my bed Untouched, Too little or too much? it is never too much for the rain to pour heavier than your worrying tears. is it too much to bend and pick broken pieces— of a […]

Leonell EchaMay 5, 2022

think of me like a butterfly weightless, by the breeze by the powder of feathers flapping faster than i fly. a migrant by degrees, by the action of wings, by flitter in flight, a sparkle in might. scarce and forgotten out of stock, out of demand. LARDO & Əĺļə

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