Leonell EchaDecember 2, 2021

when I’m no longer the one that tickles your e- motions: this is done. don’t look me dead in the eye, remain here, and ex- plore other options. for the sake of times that this was home, be kind e- nough to let me know. I’m not a healing process, nor a lurking e- rror, […]

Leonell EchaDecember 2, 2021

I’ll always be right here High off frequency Low, sad, depression It’s been my fault Couldn’t be better Hold me in Don’t spit me out yet I tried to stay afloat But i wear forgetfulness so well Can’t remember who i have been Little steps Cold enough to let the cracks clench to my ankles […]

Leonell EchaNovember 29, 2021

Do something, You’re fading in memories you don’t belong to Sinking in oceans I can swim to the shores Trying harder, keeping the faith, as i lie to myself. Against myself and humanity, i have sinned Take me to church Let me worship and cast spells A man will be my death I can neither […]

Leonell EchaNovember 19, 2021

Water is to drown, is to chain, is to all the lies, you believe, is to love is to possession¬— what is it, with humans and the itch to possess¬¬—is to just be like the rain is to painting is… we is? we are to them, are to us, what we are, not to us; […]

Leonell EchaNovember 19, 2021

touch her toes, stroke it from behind, tickle her navel with your pen. a hen and cock make a poultry’s poetry with 69 stunts— that ejaculates colored words. six tongues leaving their tired tracks for five fingers to free fires burning alphabets in old ways ancient in consummating souls. four legs pinned, long slithering hauls. […]

Leonell EchaNovember 19, 2021

It is okay to ask questions It’s okay to change God’s mind too You won’t believe if I tell you, but why trust in a God that can’t enjoy spontaneity, I mean, think about it; nobody has the monopoly to decide, to be a man, or to be God. Victor Oyedele

Leonell EchaNovember 19, 2021

fetch your misery in thin air while you hold the thread of your truth. in your youth, despair should be far grow a spear in your hand for it. whether doubt, hope or disbelief learn to hear the voice from within it can push when they try to pull latch on tight, dear lad latch […]

Leonell EchaNovember 19, 2021

if I could choose between blunt and sharp, if there were a place between here and there, I’d have been writing this poem from Jand, or from the busy streets of New York, I may have owned at least four bitcoins. I’m thankful for the choices that I made, the best place in-between is where […]

Leonell EchaNovember 12, 2021

my father is a bridge I’ve passed through, “your father is a good man” “I’m doing this for your father” from the university to jobs, I’ve been reaping where he sowed, and they do not forget to add: “your father married a good woman” I want to be another version, a better one, I hope […]

Leonell EchaNovember 11, 2021

two straight male boys. three straight female girls. the heart of their paternal grandpa, the eyes of their mother. I hope I love them enough to correct them when they’re wrong, I hope their mother doesn’t believe in the ‘archaic’ way of spanking a child that errs. offspring willing to be humans, willing to speak […]

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