Poetry: When We Promise


The valley dug in between us
has become narrow for such bus.
Love found many ways to discuss
to make me wuss, to make me wuss.

My heart was found wanting a lot
and where we stood kept growing hot.
Our hands were free, they wouldn’t knot
our souls will rot, our souls will rot

Our words had covers so squamous
some travelled deep but looked amiss.
We both stuttered like Old Thomas
While we promise, while we promise

Drop these walls to free your frail heart
On your face are two worlds apart;
one is an end, it’s where we’d start
to away cart, to away cart.

But if in doubt,by all means leave.
Ask your heart to button its sleeve.
And when our bodies make to cleave,
we need not grieve, we need not grieve.

When we promise,we sure should care.
Failing to keep is how we err.
As doubt can happen anywhere
Faith is as rare, faith is as rare.

Blue be the sky ,shedding no tears
Encouraging; release your weak fears
Burning golden deceit that scares
Being so true, being so true

Words are kept under lock and key
Someday setting all our captives free.
Love the slave that made the decree
to let us heal , to let us heal.

It is the time we truly loved
Giving men the wings of a dove
Comforting all in our hearts cove,
With so much trust, with so much trust.

Fragile words; petals of rose
Surged through thin throats, wine in hoses
On which those teeming ears binge
Lies truth fuses, lies truth fuses

Intentions of the heart uncaged
In thoughts of many they were paged
Wait, soon commitments will be gauged
And prizes staged, and prizes staged

Whispers in the ears of Amor
And let this word be an anchor
Keep your promise and don’t alter
That’s your valor, that’s your valor.

Emny Circuit.
Two words; lie and ability
Fused- sound as liability
Move the ‘e’ with agility
Tis probity, tis probity

Ecstatic enclosed entity
Pill that causes nonentity
By means of continuity
‘E’- ecstasy, ‘e’- ecstasy

When we promise to hurt no more
Do we as addicts let words pour
Free, with feathered intent to soar
Towards lie’s shore, towards lie’s shore?


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