Poetry: Just A Little Love

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You need not move mountains
Uprooting it from its core
I do not need Cupid and fountains
Or seashells from the shore

Don’t sail across oceans and seas
Don’t bring me the moon from up above
No flowers, no roses, no white doves
No clichés at all, please

We don’t have time to watch the stars
Or listen to the silence of waterfalls
No need to watch fireflies as they cluster
To light up the nightfall

Just a little of our time
A little of affection
Just a little love

The cat’s gaze
Took me way back
To memories of your gaze
Looking blindly
To a future without me

The walk through the park
The skip in the wood
The fall in the dark
Water in my eyes

The twining of hands
The fold of embrace
The upward pledge to divinity
The appeal to caged friends in the zoo
Dangers like us
Looking to be free

I am glad we failed
As I will not have these reminders
Of a little love
Hidden in the corners of my heart

Love is like morning
Hope rising
Love is like noon
Hot, buoyant
Full of life

Love is like evening
Cool, weary, tired
Love is like night
Dreadful, foreboding…
Love at dawn,
Aborted, bursted
Like several fingers of the sun
But beyond reach

Our love is like dawn
But beyond our reach

Just a little is danger,
Too much is death.
Do not spare me this dangerous death.
I want everything;
I want the sea,
I want the ocean in your hips
To wash me clean.
I want your act,
Your complete chapter,
Then i want the scene.
I want the flowers, the gardens, the zoo
I want the smooch that comes with lacing your shoes.
Write me those poems
Let’s make music with your heartbeat again.
Flood me with kisses
Make me wet;
Make my river rush.
I’ll be your favorite kayak
Hop on my back
And pluck me petals of the moon.
Little is good,
But a lot is better.
Show me the face of this danger and death

Wednesday will never hurt on the week,
no matter what loneliness makes me weak.
I remember the page that bonded my lips
to sing of stutters, to not let the pen dip.
With a little of what I sucked at
it made for the bull like I threw a dart.
A push of what the heart really wants
is a proof of what seed I love as a plant.
You saw good mind wandering with winds
and un-leafed the thick trust hooked and pinned.
I brought a little more with arrows and words
you showed me the stars and all your chords.
I came with a voice from pain and tears
you taught me laughter with refrains from old years.
Today I slay with mortal claws
every past that held an archer’s bow.
Open up your rubies so I rub and spill
my weakness into it to build and heal.
Don’t forever fear that I came only to take.
Just a little love I brought for you to bake

The exhale of your breath started the whirlwind
A trickle of you turned the ocean’s calm
From a simple ripple to a wavy storm
It took my fears surfing
I tried to stay out of harm’s way
But you are harm’s highway.
Without you I am contented
With you around I become gusto
Mostly I wished these feelings are sterile
Or better still their meter broken
Let every ounce of you outweigh the rest
In a glance prove you’re the best
The greatest of all? Sometimes I can’t contend
I don’t how much of you is enough
Yet a little of you is too much.

Emny Circuit
Yes a little bit of that if you don’t mind
This has taken me decades to find
At a point it felt like life had left me behind
Now I know what it means to be blind

I sleep, eat and drink you
The thoughts of you see me through
With you I have come to know feelings true
Loving is just the perfect thing to do

So yes a little bit of that
Would do to soothe my heart
Of course I promise to play my part
To spoil you with love until the day I depart

I promise to love you stupid
Such as would beg a question from cupid
As to how you soaked my heart with liquid

A little bit is all I need
That my heart shall feed
Upon the offerings of your love

Give me the sky but keep the sun with thee
Be the flint that sparks up my flame
Birthing victory from defeat
Be my day and my night.

Give me the oceans but keep the wind to thyself.
For it shall sweep what thee detests
Taking the trident from Poseidon,
Rocking thy chair on a sad night.

Give me a book but take its words with thee.
Meanly keep all that make sense.
Feed on each clause and phrase
What am I without thee?

Give me just a little love and keep the rest with thee.
Offer me a reason to live .
It is in giving me that I can try.
And in the arms of love or war,
It will be us against the world.


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