Poetry: If I Forget To Live


How did we end up like this,
among heaps of stones selfish?
I’m left with fragments of untrue truths,
losing the face of completeness.
They teach us how to give,
but cut the fingers after they receive.

How did you end up like this,
wearing colors that conceal your shadow?
Where are the colors of your gardenia?
They have whittled, their purity ebbing.
Is living all it takes to die?
These questions are answers if we won’t deny.

How did i end up like me?
Is dying all it takes to live?
If again i forget to live
bury my heart with my hatchet
Temper my conscience to choke me,
for love makes us all willing captives.

If I walk in the rain
Ride in the cloud
Fly in the sky
Kiss the moon
Just to please you
Will you?

If I cry all night
Refuse to honour the sun with s smile
If I shun all recipe
And declare hunger on me
Will you?

If I wear a face heavy like the cloud
If I forget to live
Forget me for you
Will you?

I hate the death that deprives
That takes me away
To a land of want
Where laughter is scarce

If I jump down this cliff
And forget to live
Just for you
Will you?

If my memory fails me today
Will I still be counted sane?
Will it be like killing myself
If I tried to stop time for a moment?
What if, that way like you, I die too?
Will I find a life if I forget to live this day?
Will tomorrow remember that I was here
And was the only witness to my dying self?
What will become my daily rush?
Who will be-love my dear crush?
With my pulsing heart and air-filled lungs
Breathing in and out. A locomotive being
It’s steaming cold yet alive
Those days I really miss myself
Those times I miss you too.

Emny Circuit
If I do forget to live,
remember the sun was me.
It will always shine amongst the shines,
rust the deeds of the dark and
uplift the dead seeds in the ground.

If I forget to live
don’t remember the moon
its horrors are dawn too soon
shallower water dancing in its earth.

If I forget to live
don’t forget the twin of day
today and yesterday on a string of a rope
holding the only piece of what I call hope.

If I forget to live
I may never forget to love.
For love will carry my name to birth laughter,
no death shall pick on my pain.
No honour shall weak upon my back.

If I forget to live,
I will never forget you.


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