Poetry: Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood



Always remember
What i said on the 4th of September.

Sometimes I’ll love to cuddle less
I get choked with too much affection

These fingers won’t often interlock
Sometimes a fist is faster solution

Introduce me to your friends
but leave out the other chapters
like i’m not so good in bed
but i’m great at other afters.

I know sometimes i grow a little wild,
get too extreme to show i’m the man
And then you crave for that little child
Who you’d tame with a stroke of the hand

Baby believe these words
That if i ever lift my voice
It is so i can drop my temper.

The weight is a heavy load
like marching a thousand armies
Sometimes i stumble off the road
And my head drops whatever it carries

We’ll meet the best and the worse
We’ll shuffle them both like cards
We’ll keep the gifts and ignore the curse
And make good intentions our life guards

I wish to cause no harm
I’ll keep you safe under my arm
Be my different kind of variance
Forgive the beast under this radiance

Just always remember
What i said on the 4th of September.

We’ve come a long way
With tales of how our souls mated
We had locked eyes but still waited
For the right words to say

It was perfect that day
But between me and you
Straight lines always come up broken
Remember though that I won’t let you fall
Into ditches my words have created

Some days I may take off my cape
But please stay close enough
To help me replace the pin
If you prick me in the process
And rather than understand
I let out an unknown beast
Please remember that blood kinda freaks me

Whatever happens
Remember how our souls mated
And forgive

Jennifer Dafwat
The serpent appeared
Fire breathing, tongue flickering
She appeared every time a nerve twisted
Yet she yearns to romance your soul

Brooding over mishaps and misdeeds
I watched her from a distant
As she smirked and licked your blood dry
Challenging you to a duel

I don’t know myself in those moments
When my moodiness cuts you to anger
I’ll come running away from my wretched aura
To embrace this warmth we created

I come in peace to enlighten you
About dark sides drenched in good souls
About pains you’ll endure
I come in peace, my demons are far away…

Omolola J.
Babe you know this road so well
when it’s dusty it’s holds more attention.
Your prints become identical to those rainy days.
As if mud was the bed to lay a road.

I’m no rose but I stalked on you
to find a blue sky babe, to find a sun.
I’m not always dark like my skin
I’m a healing scar of light, I need your therapy of finding peace.
I am the broken piece(peace) you were sent to fix.

Babe! Mind of many moons
away from you is the stuttering of my waters
in my eyes and in my legs
some may drop behind my neck.
I am the shaded sky cracking to your thunder
the deep voice moaning in your dreams.
I am that rhythm making music with your breasts,
the lost breath been sought in your throat.
I lost my morning when I knew angels came at night.
I waited for an angel
you came to be my star
I heard of wishing stars
My wish is that you don’t go far.

If you flee from this imperfect shadow
I will become a permanent stain of flaw
I won’t be repaired
you will never be fixed.
So for my love in your beating heart
is a drumming misunderstanding of unspoken language.

Close your eyes babe
become free verses.

I want to tell you about him
I know it’s an eye sore to even remember his meme
But standing here in sacred ties
I don’t wanna continue with the lies
I love him from the first day he spoke
Like god, his words were spoken
In me arose dead chords

I remember when sun set on our lips
The warmth became a bliss
I plead guilty that I still love him
I plead guilty that I am in love with him
Ever seen an angel in a melanin feed?
Ever seen a black man who has no greed?
Or one that doesn’t smoke weed?

See, he is mine but I am standing on the Altar with another man
With roses likened to be thorns
Piercing my heart since I feel apart
Your ring will be on my finger
His thoughts will be my feeder

My heart has a lot of pages
Flip the script and choose your story
Will you be the man on my bed the next morn?
I want our sheets to be stained with love and red lamps

The stones thrown at us will build our throne
A love story is never a smooth flow

Rachel Charles

Those days I nag,
You know it’s my way of showing I care,
Tears flow when words can’t be spoken,
Beads of sweat all over as I battle the demon within.

Darling, you’re beautiful,
Others will say handsome but you’re far better,
I want to hide you from the eyes of the world,
Your golden eyes, as the morning sun brightens up a barley plantation,

You did nothing wrong,
All you need do is tell me how much you love and care for me,
in words and actions.

All these I pray you understand but you’re too lazy.

Hijab Gurl

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