Poetry: Eiffel means Love


I’m not sure i agree
What the Eiffel can be…
Love is a race i know
Not all men can follow.
Their hearts must be the key.

But if the towers see
To choose among any
And all agree to go,
I’m not sure…

There is earth, sand and tree.
There’s water in the sea.
There’s rain to make seeds grow;
A promise hitherto.
But to love with acne,
I’m not sure…

I remember the breaking day
with the sun equal to how you slay.
Your shadow stained the shining steel
I didn’t know you were the deal.
Telling me how France was of clay.

I will not forget the month May,
With stories of us, how we play
The Eiffel, in my thoughts I feel
I remember.

If my eyes should close for the day
The Eiffel will still be my way,
My heart did run, without its heel,
Since love found us there just to seal.
The Eiffel is love, hear me say
I remember

“But where is this Eiffel?” asked my dear friend Paris.
Helen got hooked on the emotions that varies
A long time ago in the days of heroes gone
Two young lovers they were, daring love on the run
Theirs was an affair that pricked Menelaus’s iris

Through his own eyes I now understand love theories
Of how Hector can battle even Osiris
And Achilles snuff out the life from Priam’s fine son
But where is this Eiffel?

The tower of love standing out tall like Aries
The Eiffel is love- the pride that Paris carries
To be frank, love is the note that does buy her fun
Arts, beauty, excitement-mans ingenuity won
She indeed means love- that in my mind still tarries
But where is this Eiffel?


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