Poetry: Love Letters


Dear queen of this deserted throne,
The chirping birds and crickets;
The cloaking frogs behind our home seem to have traveled with you.
I have swimmed this deep sea of space and silence,
It is warm and it is cold.
I will study stars if they can foretell your return.
I have felt the frostbite of our memorable moments,
Bringing you close to my heart and far from our bed.
I argue with myself if we are better apart or together
But teeth and tongue have taught me better.
Dear queen of this deserted throne,
Return and breathe life into this clay-moulded Adam.

Dear warrior of my kingdom,
This city is beautiful with its golden monuments.
The birds here fly with pride
And the people walk with majestic strides,
But, in spite of its beauty and glory,
It feels like a beautified royal cemetery;
Its monuments look like tombstones,
This is where beauty looks like ashes.
I have wished to fly home on milky ways,
To lay my weary head on your bossom.
Dear warrior of my kingdom,
Keep the gates locked, I’ll see you soon.

Love you
Don’t break my heart

Heart you
Cherish much
Won’t feel a love strike

Rachel Charles
Dear Soul,
It’s been too much tough love.
Laying lonely as a dove,
In remembrance of all we are not.
One, two, are too much sadness.
Between blueberry gums and bubble nuts.
I can careless but my mind works with you.
Different taste of regrets and whiskey.
Less desperation more seclusion.
Old fashioned psychedelia,
Tell me more ‘fore you wandered off with Felicia.
Soul, there’s something beneath your sole,
Deceptive or so I’ve been told.
In explosions you’ve made me feel like a canon ball.
Your’s truly…

Dear Body,
You’ve been the center of all flaws,
Attracting me to closed doors.
You breaking down isn’t my fault
I’ll always see you as my vault.
Confusion is your darkness,
Misery is your foreplay.
Never mind, what’s there to be lost that haven’t been misplaced?
Nibbling and fondling pain ,
Caressing and making love with your heart.
Dear body,
Almost rhyming with dead body.
Ashes to ashes you return.
But then why burn?
Either tone or tan
With you or rather than,
You were to contain all that I wasn’t
From insecurities which you let show,
To things you didn’t have to blow.
Soft spoken buried anger you carried.
Tied up knots with oblivion, you married .
Dear body, having to be heard and listened to is breathtaking,
But if only…
Yours truly,

Dear Mystic,
This rendition is not a form of audition
With you it is never an act.
I have revised the words to put into this letter
None of them look like a standard version.

I love to talk while my feelings prefer to freeze
Too shy to come forth in the open
Storing up the waters of my love for you.

I imagine your face reading this
You gaze like an open cheque
Waiting to be filled with the right amount of colour.
My heart’s counter would never bounce back.

I don’t know of cheap thrills,
The excitement you give me is insanely expensive.
I will bank on your lips a thousand kisses
A signature that cannot be forged.

Dear lover,
I like to watch you perform
Making all those dramatic gestures but not a scene.

Write me a gazillion letters,
My eyes shall not be weary to read.
Beneath all that noise is a precious silence
Catch your breath and I will seize to live.

Don’t flood your heart, let love flow.
Let your feelings match my fire.
Because you’re shy I have carved a niche for you.
Nested in my heart is a golden cave.

I will lift your spirit up, till it forgets dawn.
You will fly, but not away from me.
I won’t have to reach for you when I am by your side.
We will dream our dreams and score some goals.
We will never use our feet till they touch the sky.


I write from the deepest gorges of my heart,
picking every metaphor of love
to call every imagery of affection
word for word
world from world.
I love you without wax.

In the basket of love
I read this with every hair across my back,
greeting the feeling that comes with every word.
I love you so much
not even an ocean drop can count.
I miss you.


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