Leonell EchaSeptember 23, 2017

I will not want your wishes Nor your byes I know you care but take a rest Your tears will soon dry so you may see I’m long gone like a bullet from a long gun Look critically you’ll see my soul at the horizon On my first safest, swift, luggage-free ride through seven heavens […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 20, 2017

How did we end up like this, among heaps of stones selfish? I’m left with fragments of untrue truths, losing the face of completeness. They teach us how to give, but cut the fingers after they receive. How did you end up like this, wearing colors that conceal your shadow? Where are the colors of […]

Leonell EchaSeptember 8, 2017

“Ake! Ake! Hurry up now! Do you want us to miss this? It will be like missing the coming of Jesus the day he’ll be sharing some of that gold from the street of heaven o!” Funto chuckled as her husband poured out his monologue. It won’t be the first or last time she has […]

Leonell EchaAugust 14, 2017

And it would be great That the wedding was worth the wait. The gown is an eye opener The cake does look like its owner The honeymoon smells intense The sole duty of his incense The baby comes after 3 or 4 What would time be delaying for? I’ll nurse the first,take in another I’ll […]

Leonell EchaAugust 11, 2017

Religion digs graves that’d bury us. Why should humanity come first? What need is Holy Water If rain is gift from God? These crosses won’t save. Is God a name? What is man When he Dies? Is this not the name abandon gave to us? Then cheer up my child for the passage is closed. […]

Leonell EchaJuly 28, 2017

I am falling off a cliff, My air box fails halfway And my head asks me what if, What if this dream fades away? What if i survive? What if like lead, i drop To hold the ankle of the afterlife? There’s a casket in my head Needing a body inside. I’m falling off a […]

Leonell EchaJuly 19, 2017

There is this thing I find my self immersed in Bringing bones, blood, spirit and soul within. Chimes and bags, rattles and slams, lifting me to a higher ground. Tit or tat, this or that, this is where I am held bound. With notes like the rumble of the sea when the moon has found […]

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