Poetry: Purpose!


I am falling off a cliff,
My air box fails halfway
And my head asks me what if,
What if this dream fades away?
What if i survive?
What if like lead, i drop
To hold the ankle of the afterlife?
There’s a casket in my head
Needing a body inside.

I’m falling off a cliff
In between, my conscience gets too dizzy,
Too dizzy to think of favours,
Or the kindness in my mother’s hate.
There’s a reason single people divorce,
And the mass goes to church to masturbate.

I’m going down a cliff
And halfway my air box fails.
My heart gets the whiff;
This body must agree
To be suicide-free.
We die for one purpose only-
To live.

One forever is all I ask.
Not your special day in November
In the air of your love, I want to bask
Give me a tomorrow to remember
Fill me up like a vacuum flask
With memories that forever last
Teach me love lines to render
When my heart threatens a hate agenda
Leave me not a memory to launder
But one I’d be happy to recount
Where on my face a smile will stay
Like a feature that from birth it came

I would choose draught over rainfall
For the soil is exhausted, leaving the wall
To utter catcalls unabated;
Doom looms, though undated.
I’ve tasted many water offshoots;
Liquor that makes head boots,
Tears,sweat and urine whose taste is salt solaced,
Blood whose birth is callously placed.
I’ve ceased to taste water further
Even if thirst visits, waiting aflutter,
I would serve emptiness,
For there, I found holiness.
Every part of my yesterday aligns
To a direction I can’t define
A coagulation of thoughts and consciousness
Of ideas, a consensus of sentience

Driven by inner energy to conquer
Every failure is an information, not a canker
I’m a puzzle bigger than failure
Focusly keen in pursuit of the treasure

Irreplaceable, unmatched, can’t be undone
What I’m worth when I gone
Aesthetics of wealth on the Sands of time
A forte in the minds of man in all clime

Oh, this life I must live
Leaving memories that inspire lives
With a consciousness that one day I’ll leave
And when I die, I become even more alive

I have walked the earth,
Its whole length and breadth.
But I have not found yet,
A life made of profound fate.

I have walked from west to east,
Searching for nothing, but a life of ease,
But all I met was death and beast,
And war, and crisis, not life of peace.

A life of purpose is all I seek,
The more I search, the more it drifts,
And all I’ve got, has fallen sick.
This life I strive for, leaves too swiftly.

To be or not to be?
Got the sting off the careless bee.
So it was that I became;
the fall before the fame

Ceaselessly ceasing to exist,
because pain doesn’t fade with the mist.
In time ,with time I had to change.
For if one must become , one must be void of that which is strange.

For birds build not their nests in the sky,
nor does a drug dealer trust a spy.
…And today, I breathe that which I suppose,
Watching life unfold but this time living with a purpose.

True yarn be say,life just be like journey
Every one of us na hin own driver
Slow and steady na the best way to travel am

Plenty fastness fit land person on top gurney
E mean say over jolly nor dey help either.
Balance na the best way to avoid harm

Purpose na hin dey bring balance
Without am,life go just be like craze people dance-
Anywhere belle face, like say na one chance;
Wen person go dey do things without choice.

Na person wey know wetin im dey do, fit yarn with mouth wey wear better voice.


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