Poetry: Great Expectations


And it would be great
That the wedding was worth the wait.

The gown is an eye opener
The cake does look like its owner

The honeymoon smells intense
The sole duty of his incense

The baby comes after 3 or 4
What would time be delaying for?

I’ll nurse the first,take in another
I’ll name her Clyde, she’ll look like my mother.

If today stays childless
Storing for tomorrow is pointless

Should the night births a sun at dawn
Let the sketch of a new day be drawn

Stormy nights under a leaky roof
Morning has its worth to proof

Counting your chicks before the eggs hatch gives you a clue
As twilight tells the day is done and through

Two worshiped tickets to a long awaited opera
To watch that highly over rated orchestra

The spirits tell me i can’t be vain
But i desperately want it to rain

I’ll be wrapped in perfect couture
Dripping of royalty will be my only cure

Cries of twins to tingle my heart after I wed
A black alluring god who will grace my bed

Wealth of the mind and soul i pray
For a home needs these to lay

Thousands of souls I’ll touch
For this alone my essence clutch

Omolola J.
Going to school,
Was cool,

Until making money,
Became sweet like honey,

Education a thing of the past,
Fame that never last,

Hard work was for losers,
Making money isn’t for slackers,

Ferrari, yachts, mansions, great expectations,
Still the void remains, education still the key, clear realizations.

Hijab Gurl
Here, this seed will lie,
On this ground of our hearts, it will die.

Decaying to the earth
a new song, its rebirth.

Then tiny stories make out of it,
with ease of time and heartbeat.

It takes a decision to become whole
love, laughter, little kids from a hole.

The years will begin its counting.
and carefully we split this mountain.

The first night had so much bliss
Planting a little seed to kiss

My baby should come like him
Fine black boy, with a little dim

A twin I will name Kim and King
Carry them round the clock with a Joyous song to sing

Babies are my favorite Wish
Can’t wait to serve them Mama’s dish

They would be my new project
To check the syndrome that I love to reject

Rachel Charles
To get up from bed
Make an effort to be well read

Give a good run
Take a trip round the sun

Don a hat when the sun is up
Make sure my makeup stays atop

Twist my waist
Never let a wink go to waste

Circle the grand canyon
But do so with heart and a color crayon

Jennifer Dafwat
Believing in immortality.
Stay alive, and the pain is given abundantly till eternity.

Making poetry,
Falling apart like cracked pottery.

So much about the money.
How much for your soul, sad ol’bunny?

Isn’t a sinner no saint?
Why then are Saints covered in sinful paint?

All white in funerals, like angels guarding the dead.
Yet in scarlet hearts we were led.

My heart skipped a thousand beats,
But I will not dance to the fear feats.

As time evaded drawing near,
I longed for some good news to hear.

Eyes growing on every side,
Mine weary from the growing tide.

I want those roles they act for me
My prayers go before a plea.

Expectation is not a bad thing,
If hope is beaded on the right string.

Seeds are sown with plans of waiting
Madness in the method of ticking

You share a smile
As long as a nile

You hope your warmth is preserved
But hurt returns undeserved

An expectation righteous enough
Doesn’t save you a whooping cough

Expectations are baby steps
Towards reality’s bigger steps

Seasons of rains breed thirst for shade
Broken thatch needs reed for aid

Problems will always mound
Even with heads underground

Yesterday was a sickle
Bent like crooked ankle

But today is here
With bags of hope everywhere

I choose to sleep in this dream
Hoping i awake with a sweet cream.


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