Poetry: Many (Different)II


Religion digs graves that’d bury us.
Why should humanity come first?
What need is Holy Water
If rain is gift from God?
These crosses won’t save.
Is God a name?
What is man
When he

Is this not the name abandon gave to us?
Then cheer up my child for the passage is closed.
There is no way out, with no one to discuss

Talk to the shrapnel, survival is enclosed.
A haven is an unsafe place afterall
A fortress where you hide in to be exposed.

Until Ozobulu remembers its fall
The Church will remain our gift of a prison
It’d be our Damascus,and we our Saul.

Hell is our haven. Heaven helps us reason
The trap tampers,but the prey has a season.

Oh dear mister the one who heals the broken,
I hear of your faith in rides I could enjoy.
Not bad for the one who came through words spoken.

Laughter, Pain, Joy, Sadness I hear you employ
To help fix the dejected and the dying.
I’d love to sit in your counsel with my joy.

So I accommodate your terms of lying.
You had to be opposite towards the dark one.
Even with family, hate keeps replying.

While we wait wretchedly, make yourself a sun.
To tear down the turned trophies that death has won.

Yes you,
I mean you
Those four letters
What do you define?
I hear how you exist,
Eating from what has just died.
By breathing am I, like alive?
Is it everything you bring to birth?

I do wish I can shut my eyes much longer.
Drag what is left towards no expectations.
i have done my best but now a dead monger.

What birthed me were dynamic ideations
and all that was true or false, I did comply,
Trusting them, eluding all complications.

In time, I waited on my God to supply
To drain my fears and absorb my mighty Pain
What was in the good scriptures, I did apply.

For to what defeated me , I saw my gain
It was back to back, side to side, by and by.
Hopefully ,I was dying to remain sane .

Badly bruised but bold i say my last goodbye.
Blest hope is burnt by this life which soured my eye.

This life,
Stole my peace.
who then am i?
Meaning is gone,yes!
For the last time I say,
Why where you given me and
To you life, what is your purpose?
For in all you gave , you took twice much.


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