Leonell EchaSeptember 20, 2016

I am that dent on a chiselled chin That broken piece in a well shaped tooth That black mole on the fairest face Those freckles surrounding pretty eyes That 6th toe you’d love to cut That scarred soul with a teary voice That sad smile thrown in disguise The smallest star that shines brightest Flaws […]

Leonell EchaJuly 9, 2016

Show me the road to Bermuda The centre of lost souls Show me that place that no one is sure of That i may end this lost cause The road wines in and on I’m sure it will preserve my youth Nothing new, nothing out of place By mere fantasies my thoughts replaced What is […]

Leonell EchaJuly 9, 2016

Maybe i was made for a time like this The flesh to cover your wounded pride Maybe I was made for a time like this To be the smile your pain rides Who will mend my tattered thoughts tonight? As night stretches into its usual darkest space A whip of silence gently nudges my senses […]

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