Maybe i was made for a time like this
The flesh to cover your wounded pride
Maybe I was made for a time like this
To be the smile your pain rides
Who will mend my tattered thoughts tonight?
As night stretches into its usual darkest space
A whip of silence gently nudges my senses
A wave of temporal madness perhaps
Greets loud burst of hysteria
This days i can’t seem to tell the difference
I hope i don’t get lost
Lost between two envelopes made for one letter
My feelings seizes one and elopes
I stretch my tired eyes to read along
But the shadows makes it hard to see
To see the contents of this mysterious envelope
When frustration about to give way
I heard whispers
Whispers from my mind’s back
Bringing my thoughts back
To the envelope before me
I hissed and coursed
All ado for nothing
I stress for something i know very well
The surest thing to me besides my name
Who dug that grave?
The deepest i ever did dig
And buried in it
That same envelope
With the things i cannot tell you
The things i may die before I tell you
Immediately, i recognised its blue insignia
But of course
The very colour that sealed our fate
Just like the sky above me
And the raging seas beneath
I knew it had to be you
Who conquered my conscience to betray me
Shall i bare it contents for all to see?
Maybe this is the answer you have been praying for
The key to your never ending gloom
Buried in my heart’s envelope
But selfishness would not let me expose its dealings
So we continue to play cat and mice
And each day I’ll give you a line
A line to heal those throbbing sores in your chest
A line to numb that searing flame in your eyes
A line to quieten your every groan
Till the day i drop the last line.
So i pray i was made for you
That the secrets i cling to be your salvation
And i shall bury more of them
Till my words pills your aching heart
For our friendship is a perfect picture of abnormality
Constantly preying on each others emotions.

© Vera Bonny 2016

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