Poetry: “This day is yours truly” | Vera Bonny

The earth stood still to gaze upon you
Too scared to falter
The moment you took your first breath
Grace found an altar
Your heart’s foundation *is attenuates* love
With every smile, it spreads wildly,
Baring my truth.
Calmness has found its stead.
This day is yours truly,
The blade of your shoulders testify with sharpness
The lines on your lips super soothing
Your being screams scrummy yummy.
Like the springs on the shores of eden,
We will glide and swing to this age.
Stars in procession, lining your stage
Diamonds like makeup, litter this page
And I whisper, “will you be my cage
And I your ornamental sage?”

© Vera Bonny

Vera Bonny (Rubyvee).
From Kaduna State.
Grew up in Jos,Plateau State.
A Mass Communication graduate.
A journalist, writer, storyteller and OAP.
A Lover of books, music and movies.
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