Leonell EchaAugust 22, 2017

There’s something divine In the way these letters combine; Apple, box, carrots, Doves and proud parrots… And their meanings intertwine. Damian, Elena, Faran- These are places to be. Gregory, Hanks and Ian Taste like water from a sea. So while A stands for Art, B rows her Boat Until C wears a Coat. There are […]

Leonell EchaAugust 9, 2017

Yes! Let me begin with you my metaphor, you, who alliterate with a little sound how you smile with a simile by the door. You exaggerate like hyperbole unsound, The rhyme can scheme into a mainstream with lights. Some associate themselves with words that are round. What imagery do you shine during late nights? What […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 7, 2017

Those i seek Run through life like its a trick Soliloquies to the peak In saddest memories we make pics. But offered between ying and yang One more hit makes the drum bang Keeping me sane while we sang Dancing in the dark. The company I keep Either family or poets Though poets are forever […]

Leonell EchaJanuary 1, 2017

Today just like any other, As the sun rose, marking the death, And birth of another day, Yesterday’s thoughts, today’s acts, Today’s news, tomorrow’s facts, Yesterday’s weakness, morrow’s strength, Strangers one day, kith another, Today fades into yesterday, And tomorrow into today, A year is just another day. Hijab Gurl ============================================ Gift of rolling days […]

Leonell EchaDecember 31, 2016

Today it all comes to an end; Worries, life, the death of a friend . And grace is absent at supper- As is happy ever after. Today we promise not to keep- We pick; we pile, we drop, we heap And hearts are broken many times Life’s ladder, not everyone climbs. Leon ================================== Death to […]

Leonell EchaDecember 22, 2016

Normal day in the African sun. The lions roar. The antelopes run. Mothers take care of their young ones. Fathers afield raising good yields. Sons and daughters matching their feet. Then like rain uncalled for and scorching heat, A tramp, foot stamp and rush of feet. The guns, they roared in every street Loud was […]

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