Another Day!

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Today just like any other,
As the sun rose, marking the death,
And birth of another day,
Yesterday’s thoughts, today’s acts,
Today’s news, tomorrow’s facts,
Yesterday’s weakness, morrow’s strength,
Strangers one day, kith another,
Today fades into yesterday,
And tomorrow into today,
A year is just another day.

Hijab Gurl
Gift of rolling days tumbling
Fret not your fearful heart to rust
A galaxy answers to you
The universe awaits your sight
Awakening to rouse your mind
Fret only for owners of earth
Your awakening brings healing
Your mind shall be restored to bliss
New dawns will inspire honour
Treasures sitted deep in essences
Welling up to revive glories
Another day, a moon away
Blossoming to peace and knowing
Omolola Onigbinde
Another day for new born dreams
we would hold the sun in our hands.
We have died only to arise
and take the stage, not compromise.
Our hearts will drown and mix with words
somewhere in the eye of this sea[see]
we would be kings, queens or pure lords.
We would right [write] wrong trunks in great seeds,
take so much glory with good deeds.
Here’s to another day, be free. – Rudolph


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