cross over
Today it all comes to an end;
Worries, life, the death of a friend .
And grace is absent at supper-
As is happy ever after.
Today we promise not to keep-
We pick; we pile, we drop, we heap
And hearts are broken many times
Life’s ladder, not everyone climbs. Leon
Death to all power of the past
Death to its beauty, vanity
Death to the thongy paths we trailed
Death to stormy tides raging still
We sail new waters by midnight
Rowing towards blind mystery
An old ship for companionship
The end just sparked new beginnings
Temptations be waiting fore’ me,
the wishes and horses should come.
Love should take my heart, and knot free
so I find a smile in this home
Mortals meet mistakes with much pain
but crossovers are just starters
to begin, form, rise up again.
Lets take few sips, lets be tasters. – Ruddapoet
Fraternizing with death last year.
The stakes were high the costs were dear.
Each move was stalked and rife with fear.
The dreams he dreamed I Cou’n’t go near.
But in His mercy he sought me.
Gave me new sight. Now I can see.
This is my Swansong–eulogy.
From now I’m dead. He lives in me. Seun
This day the creator now made
Leaving the spoils behind to fade.
We marching, looking bove’ the gun.
The city witnesses the fun.
Lights and sparks. Lovers corner ride
Whisper sweet empty nothings chide
Gold goals no scold to score bold
For I left good fear in four fold- Rachel Charles
Just a while ago, yesterday,
Was today, soon tomorrow be,
Today, next year be this year,
And this year be last year,
Next year’ll be same as last,
If actions are same as past,
Plan next year, experience a blast,
Same old same old turns out like past.
Hijab Gurl
Broken like a million eggs
Challenges and adversaries
Hovering like helicopters
Making loud sounds of cold distress
Scenes change, same story. It’s a switch
A cross, over to another
Bliss, smiles and jumpy butterflies
It’s how well. Let joy dwell. Do well.
The Crossover
Mistakes left in yesterday’s lap.
Lighter luggage easier to pass.
Ready for a new load of crap.
Endless prayers pouring en mass.
Blood smears on my door, jump over.
Be thy judge, lead thy cleansing rite.
Dream anew. Let despair cower.
Not only bent sticks are contrite.
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