Poetry: Letters (Alphabet)


There’s something divine
In the way these letters combine;
Apple, box, carrots,
Doves and proud parrots…
And their meanings intertwine.

Damian, Elena, Faran-
These are places to be.
Gregory, Hanks and Ian
Taste like water from a sea.

So while A stands for Art,
B rows her Boat
Until C wears a Coat.

There are cities in these words
We see their lights when these letters let us afford.

The A, a resemblance of a V,
only upside down with a bench for an A.C
B is a double decker of the letter D
teaching us about storey buildings if you agree.
C holds water like a sea.

Q has a toothpick in its mouth.
R looks like a ranger from the south.
P spells people, purity, poison and poetry.
Elements of life love, seeds from a tree.

Eleven elephants entering the needle’s eye with ease
Few fingers are similar to five.
Bed is the most comfortable word like keys.

Letters are born as strangers
they rhyme and become words like dangers.

The speech.
They say seem pale;
Loose choice of words,no stitch
As seen from the reactions that trail.

E hard to please human beings
Dem wahala high pass steeple
….say hin slap words- no reason
Him nor know say ‘Naija’ feeble?

What must be done to make people switch,
From all these politics rather frail?
We must all of us spell our dealings.

As regards the country, what letters write your mood?
A is action for same reason G is good.

These letters litter
Every written letter
Right from the days of ancient writing
And the era of Babylonian tongues
Craftily the spelt out words

Words simple and compound
Denoted by the way they sound
A letter may mean more
Just like “i”

Put them together and name names
Sometimes initials to named names
Like T.R.C.P

These letters begot
Every word.


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