Poetry: Idols of Words


Yes! Let me begin with you my metaphor,
you, who alliterate with a little sound
how you smile with a simile by the door.

You exaggerate like hyperbole unsound,
The rhyme can scheme into a mainstream with lights.
Some associate themselves with words that are round.

What imagery do you shine during late nights?
What is your tone, whenever I raise my voice?
I remember your puns caused hideous fights.

Oxymoronic hymns making me rejoice
as these syllables plot to shine like the sun.
This repetition has a crown my choice.

So finally, let’s make this irony fun.
These idols shoot forth in sentences to stun.

This figure’s bones and flesh are all made from words
Cells and blood made immune by a syllable.
Living and lifeless words, revered by most nerds
Senselessly worshipping yet adorable
Beautiful, how they set fire on ices.
Sane or psycho, both so indiscernible.
Skillfully, put in place useful devices.
Eat from the stables of unknown lexicons.
To these gods, they gave random sacrifices
So chant! Sing loud your hymns! Play those helicons!
Read write(right) short,long poems, rehearse learn from each
Written by: French, English,Germans, Africans.
Until history finds it worthy to teach
And the life it offers worthy to preach.

David Circuit
With tongues spitting words coated with raging fire
Toads of peace wars, quenching thirst as Jacobs well
Filling our hearts with mirth, with no room for hire.

They are with whom truth and conspiracy dwells,
Dragon of gold , whom the earth scourges the most
Deep with thoughts and dark , saving words in dells.

Basking with confusion, leaving us to boast .
Always the last, reminding the lost of peace .
Seaming and deceiving as great cities lost.

Smoky nectars calling forth brides, birds and bee’s .
Worthless dandelions, bearing the only girth.
Kings and queens quivering on one bended Knee’s

Icons of chaos with serenity birth,
Mountains of comfort housing lilies of wrath.

On bended knees all gathered at the altar
Chorusing in low voices “words have mercy”
Our quiet echoes filled the room without falter

As the Prince danced with words of control-verse-see
Good Lord! his calm humbles even nirvana,
Rocking and rolling the heart to ecstasy

Just like the constellations of tucana
Unleashing relief from a celestial globe
Which affirms the beauty of ‘Africana’

I know a guy whose words could tie ears like rope
Red capped; a chief in his own right-decipher
Blessed with quite the mind that gives poetry hope

These gods as made in divine image wiser,
I bless to grow large in strength and much higher.


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