Review: “Dear Son” By Andrew Patience (AP)

Dear son is a poetry piece written and recorded by A.P (Andrew Patience) who resides in the city of Jos but from Nassarawa State. The poem addresses a letter to a son.

A son in an African setting is considered a sword-bearer of the family. It is the son who carries the bloodline of the family.

A 4 minutes poem that carries a sweet music as a chorus or an epilogue for the piece contains a rhythm and crescendo of the usual A.P.

The tone of the piece is unsure, as most of the issues the poet related to the son was in anticipation of so many things. The mood was clear and precisely energetic.

The poet relates the piece in first person which only means she writes to her son as a mother and not as a sibling or lover. She says it in the ending of the piece “your mother”.

A.P uses figures of speech such as imagery, rhyme, personification, hyperbole, etcetera.

The Yoruba chorus only shows the perfect use of a language soaked in so much proverbs and wisdom. This alone gives the listener a feeling to listen.

The idea of the poem is a way of preserving words of wisdom to ourselves and for ourselves. Most times poets write to themselves and address it to someone so it carries the emotion and pain as distinct as possible. This reveals itself even while she sings the chorus that translates “My child, it shall be well with you. Listen to my advice.”


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