Review: “Dear Son” By Andrew Patience (AP)

“Dear son” is a spoken word poetry written by AP (Patience Andrew). The poem is written in a letter form which is being addressed to her unborn son, so that he can be a good person. She wants him to turn out great, therefore she carefully laid out how he must live his life.

“I do not know who your father will be” suggesting the piece is futuristic. Throughout the piece, AP professed her love for her unborn son “my heart beats endlessly in love.”
“I have loved you before time and space” Then at the end of the piece, she says “I love you son”.
The love of a mother for a child is something inexplicable. She loves her child even before she gets to meet him, or even before she knows who she will marry.

“I hope you become something of me and not all of me”. This line suggest that AP realises she has some faults she does not want her son to inherit. He may have some of her qualities, but she pleads with him not to take all. She reiterates this point further in other lines, “son know who you are, do not see or shape your world through my eyes but by my words…” She wants her son to be his own person. “I hope you see yourself only through the eyes of the inexplicable force that drives the universe.”

She had so many advice to give him:
“Do not withhold love even where it is not served. ”
“But do not become weak to say no to those who may want to trample on you.”
She tries to educate him on the fact that in as much as there is good in this world, there is also bad.
“You need to know that light is full of of truth, but also of fallacies.”
Also, that life may be hard, but it will not swallow or trample him down.

AP does not want her son to turn out exactly like her, because she has some things that she had had to struggle with, like “I do not want you to you to have my depression or my many nights locked within walls of sleepless nights.”
She must have had some hard times, because she said, “I do not wish you to suffer.”

In as much as she advises him, she also prays for him. “May the light in me shine your part towards love.” She wants him to be humble and hardworking.

AP reaffirms words of greatness in her son’s life. “A kingdom locked with treasures within you.” She wants him to believe in himself.

Figures of speech used

She made Allusions to some biblical verses.
Isaiah… “I formed and shaped you in the path of light.”
“Take these words, bind them around your soul”
“The lamp that shines the world”

“I do not know if I’ll see the sun in your morning or the moon in your night”.
“Nurtured you in the essence of my being”.

“My heart beats endlessly in love rhythm. ”


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  • AP

    March 9, 2019 at 3:06 am

    To what do I owe the pleasure of these reviews? I’m honoured reading all the reviews and thankful that you found the poem worthy of your attention.


    • Leonell Echa

      March 9, 2019 at 10:23 am

      Good poem, AP.


  • Job

    March 9, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    Keep helping each other become better.


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