Review: “Take A Listen” by Mala Iwa

Mala Iwa presents us with a familiar social commentary that confuses leading with ruling. The over-flogged gospel being preached by every Nigerian is the desire for a leader who would have (as it would seem) the interest of the people (masses) at heart. Like a young poet growing in a 3rd world country where power is one thing that only refers to strength other than electricity, how can we see to find our way?

It subtly provokes with accusatory horror asking the listener to be sure that he is not part of the system he complains about. Do you wear what reveals your true identity, or do you hide inside one of the mighty yards of these “shameless agbadas”?

Iwa is hurt that it is young people like him who complain about the under-performances of these leaders, yet still take part in the movie flick and re-cast in its sequel.

The poem comes at a time when the lot of the Nigerian people will flood the polling centers to decide (as is the practice in a democracy) who they want to lead them. In this lampoon, Mala enunciates why they populace should “vote right…with our conscience,” to not recycle these same caricatures who would “make a brother try to fight against another brother.”


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