Thank you for the lies

I laid restless on my bed thinking of memories shared. I spoke, while her beautifully framed face looked on listening. “I’ll always be here by your side,” she said just yesterday. I stood up to leave the room, but was held back by my mum. “Can death of an Abiku at age of 24 be possible”? I asked with tears in my eyes. “Yes my son, and I’m sorry for the death of your girlfriend.” Her response sent shivers down my spine. Adedoyin was truly gone.

Our family doctor pronounced her hale and hearty two weeks ago. I remember her last words: ‘I’ll be mother to our wards and pillar to your strength.’ Thank you for never telling me you’re an Abiku. “You can’t continue to hate yourself for a thing you have no control over,” mum said. “She’s returned home, let’s pray she rest in peace.” Mum was right; our 2-year-old daughter needs me to be both parents.

Wildkhard [TA]

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