Thank you for the lies

In this land where I come from, we eat lies for breakfast, and say thank you when we’re done eating. On campaign days lies are served as lunch.
“Your taps will run for four years if I am in office, and as long as those two horses remain standing on our coat of arms; light will never blink off your bulbs! During my four years, nobody will die in this constituency, because even Queen Elizabeth of England will come for treatment here…” Someone interrupted the senator by whispering into his ears. “Aha! Lest I forget, all of you that are youths here, and women, I have an empowerment scheme in store for you, forget about you win and N-Power”! Mr. Senator concluded his talk.

“Sai ka yi ,Sai ka yi, Ko ba poster, sai ka yi”! People began chanting melodiously as they lifted their senator up from his podium in Tafawa Balewa stadium to where his car was parked. It was a way for the people to show that they were filled; though they were not very pleased; another candidate had served them this same version of lies already.
After he and his team left, the people started preparing their mouths and ears and stomachs, for other opposition candidates to come. It was said from our neighboring constituency that their lies were cooked in pots of honey and served with kpomo covering everything!

Younglan Louis

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