8 Silver Herrings


I watched her walk into the restaurant, looking like an angel that just popped out of heaven. And in that instant, every sense of reasoning I had evaporated from me. There was my baby getting engage and I couldn’t even say hello.

Saminu and I were far from home , we were young and wild when we fell in love. I wasn’t naive and neither was he.
I met him at one of the campus’s orientation sessions and being it that he was as black as I was ,we became friends after the first hello. He wasn’t the kind of guy that will play with a girls feelings but his looks said otherwise, he was tall , black , handsome with the right size of nose to seal the deal and his Hausa accent you wouldn’t resist when he spoke .
With time came commitments , I moved in with him to be his all even though we both knew that our future together was hanging on a thread.

I let hell loose the day he told me that he was going back to Nigeria to bring his wife Amina. Until that day he had said she was his sister and his favorite . He lied to me , he gave me the hopes that we could ditch all that was in Nigeria and start all over ; new identities.

I knew I was pregnant before he broke the news , I wanted to surprise him on his birthday but I guess it came the other way round and a bit earlier. I birthed her on a day of equal day and night but gave her up hours after I set my eyes on her.

Ten months ago I saw a lady that looks just like me belonging to white parents . I did my research and it brought me to that dinner on that fateful day…


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