8 Silver Herrings



I watched him walk into the restaurant, looking like an angel that just popped out of heaven. And in that instant, every sense of reasoning I had evaporated from me. Something kept cautioning me to remember why I was there.

Yes ! Oh yes! The contract. I tried so hard to concentrate on what he was saying, but my mind kept drifting to his lips, his eyes, his nose. Drinking in every inch of him with a lustful gaze. “Are you sure you are comfortable meeting me here, cause you look ashen and worried?” He asked. I nodded a reply, feeling guilty for my thoughts.

We ordered our meals, while I kept drooling and smilling sheepishly at everything he said. I wonder how the cat managed to tie my tongue. Each time I opened my mouth to speak, nothing came out. So I decided to just sit there and let him do the talking. He’ll either think I’m quiet or shy.

As if reading my thoughts, “Jessica, I want you to feel free with me, and look at me in a different light. I didn’t come here as your boss, but someone that wants to be your friend and also close this contract deal.” My silence encouraged him to preach his sermon. I was glad when our food was served. It offered an opportunity to redirect my course.

We had a nice time and he took me home, after commending my efforts and telling me that I was headed for greatness. As I was about to step out of the car, he held my hands and kissed me. Leaving me speechless yet again. I entered my house and stood by the door, with my hands to my lips, stupified and still trying to revere the kiss when I heard a gentle knock on the door.

I opened it without thinking twice, assuming that he came back to tell me something. A cold bucket of water splashed on me, some fell into my mouth and it tasted like urine. Before I could say anything, the woman standing before me warned, “stay away from my husband, you husband snatcher.”


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