Poetry: A Child’s Prayer


Dear God in heaven
This is a prayer from a child who’s only seven
I won’t choose candy over you,
I’ll just choose candy and then I’ll choose you.

If this gathering will take longer,
Can there be food to quell this hunger?
And if this happens again
It’d be the right time to send them the rain.

Dear father,
Make my mother better.
I pray for my father to never forget her
And I pray he stops seeing my school teacher.

Not every child would pray
And i know you know that too.
I hear you have the final say
So this candy I’m seeking is up to you.

Dear Father in heaven
Daddy said you are our father
Thank you for today in Jesus name
The day is a blessing IJN
That nothing happened to us
Thank you for my parents
Give them plenty of money
To buy Me note book, biscuits and teddy bear
Let us sleep safely
We don’t want war to come
Give us good rain.
Dear father
I love brother Tunde
I love Aunty funke
And uncle Mike ,Tope and and and
Who do I love again ?

Can I be honest?
I don’t like how daddy’s an artist.
He has said over a million lies
about letting me paint like how I do in my dreams.
And if it’s true that Jesus died for any prize I want
then I don’t want to be like daddy and mummy.
I don’t want to tell many many lies.
I would always come home early
to see my children on Tuesdays.
I would be like Uncle Jerry
and always buy candy on my way home.
Can I be honest again?
I don’t like how daddy paints me
he uses a big word for my paintings,
I want to understand the word ‘figurative’.
He uses another one when he talks about mummy – ‘acquaintances’
I want you to teach me big words and their meanings
I want to understand why daddy has to see me only on Tuesday.

Dear God!
I have another request for a banquet
so I tell everyone to come except for Joy,
she didn’t give me her candy for 4 days in school.
I know you don’t like me to revenge,
I am only teaching her a lesson
that sharing is caring even though she’s not my friend again.
And one last thing God,
Bless Miss Kiyara, even though she is a dog
help me to be able to take care of her
like how Mummy does with her boyfriends
and I will always tell her good stories with big words.
And whenever I learn what the word ‘divorce’ means,
I will never tell it to her.
While you answer this, here are hugs and kisses for you

Dear heavenly father
Make me a big player
Just like that man- Neymar when I grow
so that I can buy big big things for my mama

Meanwhile, touch her heart so that she will be buying me bobo
Please let granny stop forcing me to take zobo
Last time daddy said he doesn’t have kobo
Visit his pocket with divine financial lotto

Lord give me plenty strength to fight Peter
He will be eating all my lunch because he is bigger
Increase my muscle so that if I give him one blow
He will just be falling on the ground slow

Bless my daddy
Bless my mummy
Bless my brother
Bless my cousins

Bless everybody and give my daddy plenty money in Jesus name!
Say amen.

“Bow your heads let’s pray”
Were the most audible words they heard
Nodding their hanging heads, as they bowed
As I mumbled on every word
It made more sense to me
And perhaps to He that answers prayer
For He hears only when my eyes are tightly closed
He understands, the long silence while I was scouting words to say
“…Oh Lord bless my Daddy bless my Mommy
Oh father Lord bless my Mommy bless my Daddy…”
Or say my Dad’s clichés: “…may your fire consume them…
…cover my family with your precious blood…”
Not knowing how to or which one fits
I prayed always the same way and words
Even when the aroma of my hot meal beams high
This way I tested my patience and theirs
Sometimes I tried those short recitations
Most times Mommy ends the session with her favourite line
“In the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen!”
If not so, the prayer continues into silence…

Emny Circuit
Mama is losing it,
She loves to carry the weight of the world.
Papa in turn has not been sweet,
He became the kraken last night ,
Burning the tiny hope I wanted to eat.

I heard that soon the age will close,
This realm took a twist ,
Losing its essence and its taste,
Sadly, I care no more about it.

But for today I ask that you lead the way,
Good all my bad behaviours
Don’t give up on me,
Not just yet!
Calm all my storms,
Lord just do what you want ,
I trust you just enough,
For you know me just right.

Do not forget to bless my cat,
Keep my pencil safe
I have to be off to school,
Until next time,
Take care of yourself. Amen


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