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The more I try to care, the less you do

You’ve taken my heart to the skies you flew,

And where I’ll end, to God I pray it’s blue.

With hopes that someday I will have a clue.


Together has tied us for so long,

And the stories we wrote were never wrong.

I’m stuck with you all through pleasure and pain.

And now my tears only hide with the rain.


We were always sheltered during the cold

Tied by bad dreams, your heart was there to hold.

With tears on my lips you looked like my all

Yet through all of this, your feelings would stall.


I’ve seen a lot of age since we first met,

Giving love a call and losing regret.

I only wish your feelings were the same

For now, I know that heartbreak is a game.


Did I just know you only come to take?

Like all those who lie and are living fake?

You didn’t look like one, you were unique

How come you are a sad note of music?


I’m now a broken story with less words

Slowly falling on these many swords

The cold emotions you keep giving me

Has taught that only death can set me free.


Is it to live knowing you would be far-

As a wound healing to become a scar?

What winds brought you into my lonely life?

Why do you sting like mother of the hive?


I’ve spent so much time and cold lonely nights

Staring into the void of leaving lights.

I am still here my dear, just know I care

No matter what happens, my heart will still bear.

Ruddapoet (Rudolph Adidi) or ‘The Red Cap Poet’ as he is fondly called is a spoken word artist, architect, writer, poet and first born. He hails from the cool breeze of Jos, Plateau State. He won the Abuja Literary Society (ALS) Slam competition in 2016, as well as the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Abuja Chapter poetry competition.
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