Poetry: 3 Hugs For Wisdom


Have you ever wondered
Why monkeys often hop?
How they can walk and hop altogether
Perfectly nonstop?

Oh, how suiting it is to anchor
Our boast head-level
So as to extinguish flamy rancor
And deny failure a bevel.

Endure the filthy
Of a bitter truth
For the asininity
That goes with truthful lies are uncouth.
Pluck the wings of an eagle,
Soar high, up, up,
Look at every crux as if without addle,
And answers would come running and blowing up.

Ever wondered the reason for those arms?
Ever wondered why they stretch forth to console?
They are made for a purpose to mitigate harm
a hug here and there does soothe a soul

A hug exudes such charms;
A miracle of sorts playing a role
In the happiness that brings calm,
to a weary heart, sole

The beauty of hugs is a for all
old and young alike
for whatever category one fall(s)
there is a miraculous hug that soothes a person’s psych

It’s wisdom to hug without delay
you never can tell whose time you make
your arms can right a person’s day
when next you hug ensure its real and not fake


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