Silence beckoned the trees
As its leaves swayed from side to side,
The birds cheered and chirped
Breaking silence,
And then they flew away,
Leaving silence behind.
The ants climbed their holes
On the trees noiselessly,
Silence wins the game
But then again,
The monkeys jumped from tree to tree,
Disrupting silence.
I stood quietly and watched in silence,
Only if the trees knew the noise am making in my mind despite my silence.
Pensively I pined away…
If the trees can hear the whispers of the wind,
Gently as it whistles by,
Then maybe they know
The secrets lurked in the corners of my heart.
Quickly I turned to walk away,
As the soles of my feet crunched on dry leaves below,
Taking noise with me, and leaving silence to its task.
                                                                                                                             © Vera Bonny 2016
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