Let’s call them out. 
Just in time for no doubt. 
Leon says he is the lion
But it feels like he ain’t lying. 
Calling out names is just about
Proving we have something which is worth dying. Hypermind
‘My name is OracLe,’ I said
she shied, not wanting to be led
On to her doubts reflecting in my eyes
She cried ‘Its all lies!
All I’ve been fed
By gods with eyes made of rhymes!’-OracLe
What if I don’t want to know you
Can I call you my boo
Whilst discard your mindful name
Let me tease you with my little fame
It seems am drowning in love too
But it doesn’t feel the same-Rachel Charles
Aliases and pseudonyms
Antonyms, synonyms and homonyms
I will call out to you even in dead of night
For among other things I admire your heart and might
Tamarinds, cinnamon, sweet scent
Tags for taste and smell from love sent – Jennifer Dafwat
I’d listen to you time and time again
For every syllabic melody you take away my pain
Call me one more time
Gold, sapphires, rubies you make my name rhyme
Glories and admiration on me you rain
On mountains of emotions we both shall climb.-Sonia
April will recall
If June springs in fall
These letters are a number
I try to March through to December 
Naett i recall
The rest i don’t remember. – Leon
Dear modest and quiet moon
At the utter of your name I swoon
Dear arrogant sun
Your end became visible since you begun
You, my moon and sun at the same time
If love be an offense, be my crime. Tee2emm
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