How I Fell In Love

I’ve heard stories of how people fall in love. The exchanging of letters, clandestine visits, and rendezvous under a mango tree. I bet you can tell a Male and female shadow in the night just by staring at how close they are. People have memories of high school boyfriends and crushes, but I have none of that. All I had were Male friends I really admired. My mind was to preoccupied with obscure things to indulge in any teenage fantasy. I guess I was a late bloomer, because it was only till I was way out of my teen age, that I fell in that murky water.

It was the year 2019, and I was still fresh out of secondary school. I registered to learn French at Alliance francais Jos, while I waited for the University admission list for Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, to be out. My daily routine had me passing through the seminary gates of the Ecwa Theological Seminary atleast 5 times a week. Everytime I passed, I saw him in front of his Cafe standing as if he knew I was about to pass. He would smile and wave at me withouy taking his eyes of me. I would my breath under my armpit for all long as my strength could carry me. In as much as it made me uncomfortable, I began to look forward to our “not so coincidental meetings.”

One Afternoon after my class, I was on my way back from school when he called my name. “Vera!” I felt something lurch forward in my belly. Could it have been the butterflies I’ve always heard about? Mine must have been fireflies, for whatever it was I felt, it set my whole body on fire. I approached him with a coy smile, avoiding his eyes. He grabbed my phone which I was fidgeting with and dialled his number. His name was Sam. He had an angelic face and large dimples on both sides of his cheeks, his smile was like sunshine and rainbow. Yes! It was magical.

I nodded and went on my way. But I kept seeing his face in every nook and cranny of my mind for two months after that encounter. Never did I feel inclined to do anything about it. So I started taking deliberate steps to avoid him by all means. Still, the feelings didn’t go away. My heart kept getting fonder and left me day dreaming about Sam. I finally summoned courage and approached him. “Why did you save your number on my phone”, I asked. He smiled in his usual cocky way, “I want you to be my girlfriend was all he said.” For the first time, I looked him deeply in the eyes, unafraid.

After what seemed like eternity, I said yes. In Dbanj’s voice, “love is a beautiful thing.” It is not only beautiful but awesome. Spending time with Sam were the most incredible moments of my life. I always looked forward to it. I liked how her adored me and promised me forever. I trusted him with all of my heart, and he never disappointed me. Sometimes, all good things must come to an end. It’s been years now, and he’s happily married with a kid. I pray I fall for someone who will be my forever, and he in turn falls for me, ten times over.


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