A Prank and Its Agony

2nd December 2016. Grandma’s birthdays cold and dry. She said pictures make her embarrassed. The December cold had just visited and we were locked indoors. Something needed to happen, and fast.

We were young, so buying gifts would, instead of spark affection, bring suspicion, like “Where did you get the money?”. We decided to make the day memorable, without gifts. Grams was in her room, reading the unending text messages from extended family and saying “Amen” after each one. “Let’s throw in a slight prank, let’s make today memorable at least,”Max said.

We told her we were going to take a walk on the mountains behind the house because we were bored. “Erora oo,Maxwell, hold your sisters hands oo, mi o le sukun”, we giggled suspiciously and chorused “Yes ma”. We needed a plan outside those walls.

We got outside and decided we’d go back and tell grams Flora, the last child, went missing on the mountain. Flora stayed in the neighbors house and we walked in and broke the news. All i can say is this, it was a memorable day, because Grandma had a high blood pressure tension and when we said it was a prank, that was the beginning of our days of taking 2 weeks permission before we go out, to visit anyone or to buy cookies.


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