Rewritten: Kora in Hell: Improvisations II By William Carlos

When you hang your heart on the open you do not expect to see me and them trailing in the wind.
Nor would you expect to keep your hands clean by putting them in a glove. However and of
course if you are a tilapia, whale, shark and the like going under your current every day in
the ocean, you would not leave off the filth and expect to handle a floor of water without at
least mopping yourself on a daily, just as it may be. Then how will you expect a sprinkling trinkle
of heaven to follow you through the tunnel of this darkness without oh, come let us walk together
into the a dream awhile first. One must be given to much faith, hope before his weaknesses are
turned to these strengths. You see there is a flow of the hurt between us. You think you can wake up from your gross depression of these gloom and at a gesture fling it all off and fall out in silver to my finger tips. Ah, it is not that I do not pray for you, always!


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