Personal History

It was the season
When women rush to the farm
At the very first drop of early morning rain
To pick mushrooms
Hoping to decorate their culinary prowess
To wear the crown of a good wife

I was born on such early morning
When a dutiful woman
Went to the bush
To pick the mushroom
A baboon found her
Took and placed her legs apart against a tree
He moved quite a distance back
Ran at a great speed towards her,
She jumped off her position in the last minute
The baboon’s penis rammed into the tree
The tree split open
And held the penis in place
The baboon could not move until the whole village came to see
And wrought judgment
I too came to see
Screaming and yelling
Condemning rape
Of a woman or a nation
Rape in any form or shape
Against humanity .
I’m still screaming ,….


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